Watch for your Health Centre's Health Promotions and Events Calendar's, they will be delivered to each house. This Calendar informs you of all the activities happening at the Health Centre for the month. Please be sure to attend these promtions as they are "FREE and very informative and educational. :)

AA Meetings every Wednesday evening at 8pm at the Development Centre

Dec.12/17 - 12noon- Elders Christmas Dinner, Bingo and Sing-A -Long

Next Blood Collections will be Thursday
Dec..14th 8:30 - 10:30am.
Please bring your Medicare Card.

Well Baby Clinic's are every Thursday from 9-4 pm, please call 627-4664 to book your appointment.

Dr. McQuaid will be in the office every Tuesday , Dec.. 5rd- 12th- & 19th/17, from 1-3:30pm These dates may be subject to change. Please bring your Medicare Card.

Acupuncture Clinic 1:30pm on Wednesday's please call 627-4664 to register as seating is limited.

For Sweat Ceremony times and dates for the Month of Dec /17 . Please call Audie at 627-4671.

Dec.18/17 - 11am School Christmas Caroling and Turkey Dinner for Family and Students.

Dec.20 - Last day of School for the Christmas Break students will be dismissed at 11:45am.

Dec.22/17 closed for the Christmas Holiday's. We will reopen on Jan.8/18

We would like to introduce and welcome our newest Addiction & Mental Health clinician from Horizon Health. Her name is Hugette MacIntosh and her role will be to work with community members to provide treatment services within the Addictions & Mental Health framework.
Since obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 1999, Hugette has worked in Miramichi and St. John within the Social Development and Addictions & Mental Health Departments. Hugette has experience in working with First Nations and since 2013, has been working in Miramichi with Addictions & Mental Health Services.

Hugette will be in Eel Ground every Monday, from 9:00am to 4:00pm and will be situated upstairs at Child & Family and can be reached at 627-4638

Just a reminder
Stephanie LeClair is now the new Addictions & Mental Health clinician. Stephanie has taken over for Joey Godin as Joey has accepted another job with the province. Stephanie will be in Eel Ground every Tuesday morning from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. Stephanie is located upstairs at Child & Family can also be reached at 627-4638.

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program goal is to help improve the nutrition and health of low income/high risk pregnant women in First Nation and Inuit communities.  The CPNP is provided by the Community Health Nurse employed by FNIHB from the health centre.  The CHN provides nutrition counselling, education and maternal food supplements, i.e. fresh fruit and vegetables and milk vouchers. The Community Health Nurse conducts prenatal classes for the mothers and well baby clinics on a regular basis.

The Aboriginal Head Start-On Reserve Program provides early interventions in the lives of children and families in the community, encourages and supports the well being of children, individuals and families through community interaction and approaches; and supports projects containing the six program components; promotion and protection of First Nations cultures and languages, nutrition, education, health promotion, social support programs and encourages parental and family involvement.  The clients are children from eighteen months to six years of age, and their families living in the community